Tip of the Day

Open a CMD Windows and click on the upper Left Button and click on Properties. Then click on the QuickEdit Mode and you will then be able to right click and paste stuff right into the Commad Prompt Window.

Q & A

Q.  How do I lock down my security on my WiFi?
A.  1. Change the default administration password.
2. Change the SSID and set to not broadcast.
3. Set the security to WPA-psk or WPA2-psk and pick a password key.
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Future Events:

The following are future meetings of the Sacramento PC Users Group:
February 21, 2018  
How to use powerpoint
March 21, 2018  
Stop the startup programs in windows. What is really necessary?
April 18, 2018  
Browser wars. Info about different browsers
Milt & others
May 16, 2018  
Demo of Roxio’s latest software suite